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Bio Sculpture - Overlays

This is a soakable gel (soft gel) that comes in a large variety of colours (I stock around 90).
It usually lasts around 21 days after which you will need to return to the salon for a soak off and new set.
This product does not do well with infills since its likeness to a manicure
(you wouldn’t paint new polish on old!) and the bulk is undesirable.
Infills on overlays are not Bio Sculpture recommended and besides you are then free to choose a new colour.
If you have chosen this product for a one off special occasion then a return to the salon is necessary for them to be removed safely by soaking.
I do not charge for soaking off the gel that I have applied providing a new set is applied,
otherwise please see removal prices in the relevant section.
It is essential that Bio sculpture is removed safely to ensure health of the natural nail.
Bio sculpture can be used to lengthen the nails also please click here for more details.

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