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Acrylic otherwise known as liquid and powder in the industry are the strongest enhancement system on offer. Despite what you may have read and heard regarding acrylics these are a perfectly safe enhancement system providing that they are well maintained, looked after and removed safely. There are many a horror story regarding acrylics in the press and even some misinformed nail technicians spread this also. There is a certain type of acrylic (MMA) that is not safe for use on nails and more importantly it is the incorrect application of such nails that cause the horrors which we see and hear about.
I use NSI products which contains EMA which is a cosmetic grade product. Gel is alternative to acrylic for enhancement use. It is not as strong as acrylic therefore I would always recommend the above for adding length. However if acrylics really don’t float your boat then CND Brisa enhancements are good alternative. CND Brisa is a hard gel and therefore designed for enhancements.
These are a non soakable option that for removal will require filing to a thin layer. If you are a Bio Sculpture fan then your nails can be extended with this product.
It isn’t the strongest for extensions however if you are the more carefully handed client these can work for you. Please be assured that we can chat through your options and find the right system for you. All enhancement systems will require regular maintenance and safe removal to ensure the health of your natural nail.

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